When you're ready for a different result

Try a different approach

When you're ready for a different result

Try a different approach

"If you or someone you care about is struggling, please allow me to help"

I know it can take a long time to decide to make the first call, and that the idea of starting counseling can feel scary. I’m here to help you get unstuck.

We’ll work together to uncover the obstacles holding you back so you can develop more effective strategies, make better choices, turn goals into realities and find a greater sense of peace in the day-to-day.


My Services

Individual Counseling

At some point in life, we may need support beyond friends and family in facing certain challenges to better understand what’s going on, and create new ways to think about ourselves and our relationships with others.

Couples Counseling

Most partnerships inevitably arrive at confusing, frustrating, or even discouraging spots that have you questioning how you ever liked each other in the first place! For those committed to seeing their relationship as a path to growth and happiness, this is where the real work starts.

Online Counseling

Online counseling offers clients the possibility to connect by video or phone from their home or office while still maintaining the necessary therapeutic alliance between counselor and client for effective and meaningful sessions.


Some of My Specializations


Latest News

Balancing Your Day

Next up from Bocconi University’s Counseling and Self-Empowerment Department’s video series on Mental Health Tips, I discuss how to better manage your time.

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