Giving Birth and New Parenthood in Milan – Part 2/2

You now have your tessera sanitaria in hand and you’re familiar with the various options for giving birth in your adopted city. What’s next? The OB/GYN First, it’s important to remember that in a “normal” delivery, i.e., a vaginal birth without complications, the OB/GYN is going to spend precious little time participating in your labor […]

Giving Birth and New Parenthood in Milan – Part1/2

You’re having a baby!  Few discoveries are as momentous, as joyful and as terrifying as the news that from this day forward, you will forever be responsible for a life aside from your own.  That bringing this life into the world and helping to shape the person your baby will become are responsibilities that now […]

Emotional Preparation For Studying Abroad

For many university students, a highlight of the college years is the chance to live abroad for a semester – or even a year – and experience life and school in a completely new culture, and often, a new language.  Some students carefully plan their studies around being able to manage a semester abroad, knowing […]

Expats – Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay

Expats come in every color and stripe, and each one has a unique story to tell, an individual set of circumstances and a reason that brought them here.  It may be a job, a spouse’s job, a relationship, an opportunity, or something else, and, depending on the reason, the length of an ex-pat’s stay can […]