Online Counseling

As we all continue to adjust to living with the novel coronavirus, each of us is developing a new awareness and understanding of how to function as fully as possible in our lives – both professionally and personally – while taking the necessary precautions to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus. While certain precautions have quickly become standard, such as mask wearing, hand sanitizing and social distancing, other adjustments are a bit less clear in terms of what is best, or really, what is safest.

We now conduct so many of our daily meetings and appointments through the multiple online platforms available, and most of us have come to appreciate the ease and convenience of having these meetings without the hassle and time lost traveling to and from various locations. However, when we think about counseling, many of us are more accustomed to thinking about it happening in person, in a traditional, face-to-face setting. While online counseling certainly existed before the pandemic, it has seen an enormous increase in these last months, and it has changed the way so many of us – both counselors and clients – think about therapy. I have personally been surprised and impressed by just how effective virtual sessions have been, not only on my end as the counselor, but through hearing such consistently positive feedback from clients, many of whom have started counseling with me since quarantine, and therefore haven’t (yet) met me in person.

I am continuing to hold all sessions online for now in an effort to reduce everyone’s risk of unnecessary exposure to the virus, knowing that I continue to be able to offer all the benefits of counseling through the development of a strong therapeutic alliance. I have seen that this is not impacted negatively by not actually being in the same room as my clients, and although I do look forward to returning to my studio once the situation regarding the pandemic is on truly stable footing, I look forward to connecting with you for now in the comfort of your own home or office.


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