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Certified Professional Counselor

I am an American, living in Milan, Italy since 2008.

I am a Certified Professional Counselor, working with ex-pats (individuals, couples and young adults), helping them develop more effective communication and coping strategies, to better manage interpersonal challenges and embrace the changes in their lives.

I am a member of the American Counseling Association and AssoCounseling, in Italy.

I understand that life as an ex-pat can be challenging and that anxiety, self doubt and overwhelm can make you feel like you are struggling to get by. I’ve learned that facing new parenthood far from home requires education, perspective and support. I know that inter-cultural relationships have their own brand of hurdles and that parenthood for cross-cultural families can sometimes leave both parents feeling adrift.

If you can relate and are having trouble coping, remember – YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


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