Adolescence and Young Adulthood

Adolescence is hard. Period. And sometimes the stresses, struggles, worries and resulting anxiety can cause the feeling that it’s all just too much.

The support of family, friends, teachers and other caring adults provides invaluable help and guidance to teens. But, if you or your young adult is still struggling to manage the many changing facets of his or her life, it can be helpful to have the objective, neutral, welcoming space that counseling provides to talk through worries, fears and a range of challenges that are making daily life harder than it has to be. And as a parent, it can often be difficult to know if teen conduct and developmental changes are within the range of “normal,” meaning, developmentally appropriate, even if that equals behavior which is frustrating and hard to live with!

In order to better understand and support your teen, counseling can give parents a place to explore and answer questions, discuss concerns and learn new ways to connect with and champion their adolescent through the rocky waters from angst-filled teen to serene adult.