Making New Connections

Here in the fourth Mental Health Tips video from Bocconi University’s Counseling and Self-Empowerment Department.

Balancing Your Day

Next up from Bocconi University’s Counseling and Self-Empowerment Department’s video series on Mental Health Tips, I discuss how to better manage your time.

Managing Anxiety

The latest in a series of videos on mental health tips created by Bocconi University, here I discuss managing anxiety.

Mental Health Tips

Created by Bocconi University, a short video on combating intense fatigue with improved self care habits.

Online Counseling

Due to the on-going health crisis caused by COVID-19, all counseling sessions continue to occur online.

The Stages of Cultural Adjustment – Part 1 of 3

When thinking about and planning to move to a new country, the number of logistical preparations to take care of can seem endless.  Especially if you are moving not just by yourself, but with a partner and children in tow.  Sorting out housing, schools, cars, documents – documents! – and much more, add up to […]

Intercultural Relationships – Sometimes It Doesn’t Work Out

You fell madly in love with an Italian man, someone who wasn’t like anyone else you had ever met.  You quickly realized you could see yourself with this person in a permanent way.  You decided you were willing – happy – to leave your own life behind and move across the world to be with […]